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saying mama/dada ...and meaning mama/dada?

at what sort of age did your LO start MEANING the sounds that they say, i.e from randomly saying dada to actually meaning it about their dad?

im probably being super sensitive but for some unknown reason its really bugging me when people i know say "ohhh little princess trixibelle said dada today, my little lady can talk!"
..... ok not those exact words but near enough...
surely 4 or 5 months is too soon for them to actually be saying and meaning dada or mama...? i know everything to do with children seems to turn into a competition these days, and i really dont want to join in... although i cant help but feel that max is behind in some way!? (he babbles lots of things all day, including dada, but i know that he's just babbling, he isn't saying it to OH, he's just making noises) its silly i know, i know that every baby is different , but for some reason i just wanna yell at them "no, your baby cannot talk they just said a sound that sounded like a word.. they have no idea what it means!" which i know makes me sound horribly mean.

ok rant over, and back to my original question.. when do babies usually start meaning what they say?

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Cant answer what age they mean it, cos we're not there yet
Noah has said dadadada since he was 4 months old, but if people ask if he's said his first word I say no, he hasnt I say he can say dadada but its just noises and he doesnt know what it means (especially since his dad has been at uni for like 2 months now so he'd have to be hallucinating to mean it!) Cant wait for his first ACTUAL word, heres hoping its mama x

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We get lots of dada and mummummummum and I'm starting to think Tom is aiming them correctly sometimes but I'm not completely sure yet. When he's upset and looking for me to cuddle him - he starts shouting "mummummummum" over and over. And sometimes he says "ca" when one of our cats comes in.

He's 11 months and has been babbling since 4 or 5 months.

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I'm the same way. I think people are full of it TBH. I don't count a word unless Emma really means it when she says it. She said and meant mama and dada around 9 months I'd say. She said dada first but that was babbling. So her first true word was mama. Which she called out when she wanted some boobie.

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HI hun. Omar was saying words & meaning them at 8 months. He was calling his dad pappa, saying bye while waving bye, num num when he's hungry, grandma in arabic for my mom, & he used to call me "wa wa" instead of mamma. Since then he started to learn new words everyday & now he says lots of words (in Arabic & English), animals' sounds, in addition to his babbling & "singing" in a foreign language. Some babies are early talkers xx

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im still waiting for imogen to say something! all she does is AH and nothing else! i wish she'd hurry up and say mama or dada!! lol.

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She says mama when she's tired or snuggly, but she'll say it to my OH as well, not just me, so i wouldn't call it her first word because it doesn't mean me...I don't have a clue when that will change though!

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Scarlett said "Helga" when she was about a month old, I guess that was her first word

Yeah, it irritates me when people do that, too.

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Ihsan was also babbling mama dada and a few other words since about 4 months old but from 9months he definately knows what some words are as he can point and look in the direction of where these things are like if i say wheres daddy he will turn around to his daddy and wave and same for mama,his aunties,cousins and many objects which he also waves at haha. He sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night saying mama mama mama until i open my eyes then he says hiya mama whilst waving lol, its def worth being woke up for

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Megan is an early talker. In real life I dont make a big deal of it - because most people arent going to believe me anyway. My family & dh's family have heard her saying words & we know she is talking. I dont push it in peoples faces however because I assume most people think Im full of *#*$#.

Megan began to say & still says the following words with meaning between 6-7months she would say "dada" when dh comes home from work & comes in the house. Yes she babbles dadadada which is babbling - but if she says very clearly "dada" to him - then she is saying dada. She still says it the same way - she gets all excited and says "dada". She says "mama" and still says it the same way she did at 6mo. She does babble mamamama, mummmma, maaaamu, etc. but these ARE just babbling. If she is upset and calls out "mama" when she is reaching for me and says "mama".

She says with meaning the following words:

All done (when done with bottle or food)
bye (while waving)
more (with food)
kitty (while looking at our cat)
book (while looking at her books or picking up a book)
ball (while playing with her ball)
nana (banana - while watching me get banana ready for her to eat)
night-night (when she is tired & wanting to go to bed or we are doing bedtime routine)
baba (for bottle - during bottle time & looking at her bottle)
Kids (when being excited about seeing kids - at the store - walking in front of our house)

Other kids are early crawlers, early walkers, etc - When someone says there baby was crawling at 5mo - people think thats normal . Megan didnt crawl til 10 mo. Megan's cousin was walking & running by 10 mo. Megan is NOwhere close to that! Kids develop differently. Doesnt mean that we moms are bragging or full of b.s. Megan just started sleeping through the night in Oct. - but yes - she can say words & knows what she means. She calls her tigger stuffed animal Tigg & she searches him out while saying "tig" I'd say she knows what she's saying.

I am a daycare provider & MOST kids dont know words at 6, 7, 8, 9mo - but SOME do! Its also just as normal for kids not to say anything with any meaning til after 18mo.

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mama dada , meaning

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