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vaseline for eczema?

my LO (6 weeks) suffered with baby acne when he was born which has dried out his skin. the HV last week suggested I went to see the GP to get an emollient cream for him. Been to the GP this morning who said it's dry eczema and just to use vaseline. The eczema is on his face so now he just looks greasy and GP said to keep putting it on every few hours and it should eventually dry up.

anyone else used vaseline for eczema and has it worked?? or any suggestions for anything i can buy over the counter to try incase this doesn't work?

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Oilatum cream or lipobase are good for face aczema. Vaseline is too greasy. xx

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Vaseline makes my LO's eczema flare up really badly. I think it's too oily for his eczema BUT eczema is such a personal thing, what works for one may not work for another. By all means try Vaseline, I have also heard people say that it works wonders for them. We went through so many creams trying to find the right one, had so may reactions... eventually Diprobase cream from the GP and Aloe Vera gel from Holland and Barrett really helps my LO. It can just be trial and error I'm afraid

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We did the same for Alex when he was newborn and it did help his

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my LO has recently developed dry skin and the HV told me to get oilatum, the GP prescribed it, we are going to start using it tonight, so I will let u know if it works!

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When my little girl had a rash/dry skin on her face and some eczema on her body, her doctor also recommended using vaseline and it really worked!! She told us initially to use it every few hours during flare ups and then daily to keep her skin moist. We now use it each day on her face and her skin is beautiful and plump and the dryness very rarely comes back. On her body we have switched to Aveeno body lotion (also recommended by her doctor) and that has worked brilliantly on dry patches and eczema patches. x

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most exczema will flare up due to the parffin wax in vasline but sometimes baby exczema is different its worth just trying a little patch and leaving it a few hours to see if it reacts x

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I read somewhere that vaseline isn't good for eczema)..? My LO had eczema as well (on her knee) and the only thing that worked for was Aveeno Lotion. It cleared it up completely! Regular lotion didn't work but AVeeno lotion did.

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Oilatum is brill, the bath stuff even helps cradle cap. I use vaseline on LO, its sinks it quite quickly, especially after a bath when the pores are open. I used olive oil since birth, this only briefly worked and she smelt like a chip pan!

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my 7 year old son has really bad eczema and vasoline does nothing to help it. you can get over the counter creams that will help more than that will, aveeno makes some good products, and they make a great oatmeal bath that helped when he was really little

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