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importance of new mattress?

hi girls. i`ll do anything to try and pevent cot death but just wondered exactly why a new mattress is so important? ive ovbiously got one at home but what if i take lo to hotels etc? there cot mattresses have obviously been used by other babies so why are they so important, how does a new one help prevent cot death? xx

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I was wondering this and all I could think of was in case the old mattress had been in a smoker's house.

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I'm not 100% sure but there was also some research linking old types of mattress wrapping with cot death. If you go away I'd take your own new travel cot and mattress if I were you.

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i think its to do with air pockets in the mattreess & if its been used before its likely they have gone? I simply cannot afford to replace my sons mattress for Isla so i will clean it & air it very wellx

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I thought it was two fold - first very old mattresses may not have been produced to the same standards including the chemicals used as fire ******ents in them, and more importantly, second, that in every mattress you have dustmites and other bugs which lay eggs, and die, and leave their own biological trace that can be harmful if breathed in by LO. Some people steam clean mattresses in an attempt to flush all the dead microscopic bugs and bug matter out, but not sure how effective it is, and I know another lady on here did some intense research into mattress and SIDs and found that getting your mattress wrapped in a specific material was a very effective SIDs deterrent.

As with all SIDs research, its still in early days and a lot of the correlations they are finding are not 100% understood just yet, but best to err on the side of caution as far as I am concerned. They may find in the future that old mattresses were a danger because of old urine particles, or because they are no longer as firm (as the recommendation is for a firm mattress surface to prevent SIDs) or any other reason, but for now, the research shows a correlation between higher incidences of SIDs with old mattress and thats a good enough reason for me to not recycle.

EDIT: as for hotels, you can actually buy pop up cribs which fold down flat to fit in the bottom of your suitcase, which could be a suitable alternative.

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