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How do I know if a tooth is coming in?

I think my LO might have a tooth coming in, but I've looked at her gums and I don't see any. I don't really know what to look or feel for anyway though.
The reason I think she has one coming in is because a few days ago I had one very sore nipple when I was feeding her and within two days it had a scab on it and was in a lot of pain, I thought it was just a scratch from a fingernail. That was on the side she eats from most. Now I've had her eating from the other side more and I've noticed the same thing is now happening on that side in the same spot (sort of, it's on the underside, like on the other one). Now I'm thinking maybe it's a tooth below the gums that's doing it, but is that even possible? I'm going to call my HV tomorrow, but until then I thought I'd ask here!

I just ordered some nipple shields so I'll have those tomorrow to try out, then at least I can heal!

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I can see Sophie's in her gum when they are coming through. We have had 6 in the last month!!
When the first ones came through, I could see the tooth bulging in her gum, and then her gum split and then it showed a little bit of white, so you know its broke the skin then.
She has the ones next to her 2 front ones coming now, and I can clearly see the tooth just about to break through.

I think they can show signs of teething for ages before they actually appear?

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