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Freaking out baby rocking back and forth and nodding head voluntarily

Help please,

My baby who is 12 months has just started rocking back and forth voluntarily whilst in a sitting position.
She also nods her head like she's saying yes but again she does this voluntarily especially when she'd doing or about to do something naughty.

She makes good eye contact though and responds to her name, no pointing, says dadda no mamma.

Just a little worried as she does this tippy toe thing sometimes.

Anyone have the same experience?

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i'm sure it will be nothing but i'd speak to your health visitor or doctor about it hun.

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have you ever googled head banging? all toddlers/older babies do this to a degree, my ds did this alot, if i'm remembering correctly it soothes them. not sure how but i believe thats what i read.

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