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Periods thrice in a month

I had a C-section in Oct 2010 and have stop BF three months ago. My first period in Dec went normal but since Jan 31 2010 I've had my periods on the 31st and then 23rd Feb and today again????????? Each time it lasted well over a week.

Is this normal.

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That doesn't sound normal, I think you should definitely call your HV or NHS direct today.

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Mum (Mom)
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i have a period every two weeks and i did not have a c section. i have one with normal flow which lasts 7 days (used to be 4 days before lo) and the 2 weeks later more light bleeding. i have had this looked at and i have some retained placental product. because the size is under 3cm's they will not remove and said it will come away on its own. its annoying and inconvenient.
Go get your self checked hun xx

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