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Im 10 months pp and my stretch marks have faded alot,due to tanning and weightloss. But,to me,they are still very noticible. Stretchmarks never ever go away and all the laser treatment does is tone down the purpleness off the marks but they will still be there,just a silvery white xx

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My brother had it done...........well he was having birth mark removal and they done his stretch marks at the same time. His are on his arms from weight training. It hasnt worked very well at all. BUT they done his while they were quite new. They werent old or faded like mine! :-) So I'm not sure if that would affect the results.
Before then I was adament I was going to have laser surg on mine, now i'm not that confident in the results so I'm just going to put up with mine. I've had them so long now I'm used to them.
I use fake tan sometimes and it improves how they look. x

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Thanks it seems silly to have it done then if its not likely to work. Hmm if a tan reduces them maybe the sunbeds will help (unhealthy I know)
Urgh I just feel so unattractive :/

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in all honesty i would leave them and let your body try to heal and fade naturally, and the point one poster made about if you wanted more kids you should wait it out is pretty logical. but if you've made your mind up have you heard of a micro derma roller? from what i've heard it's great for skin and tissue renewal (scars, stretchmarks etc) and the harley medical group do this. wont be much cheaper than a laser treatment though

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Originally Posted by Char.due.jan View Post
Has anyone had the procedure? It's a laser procedure with hardly any recovery time. I've been researching and the Harley Medical Group do it. But obviously theres nothing about costs on their website, its all 'book a consultation'. So I was just wondering how much it is and also if anyones had it done and found it worked. My stretch marks are seriously getting me down and along with my weight it's making me' seriously depressed :/

I also have some deeper stretch marks from my first caring time and getting a cancerous stretch marks. I wasn't expecting any miracles with the older, deeper stretch marks, but I was hopeful that this dermelastic serum product would fade the more superficial stretch marks.

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I got my first bit of stretch marks during puberty-thighs and hips. It's normal. During pregnancy, I got a few more on my thighs and hips, nothing too bad; I lucked out and only got a few small ones starting on my tummy, and with fading, they won't really be noticeable. My spouse has some that are worse than any I've got from puberty or pregnancy from working out and building muscle mass.

I would go in for a consult; why not? Also, if that might not work, look for some over the counter options that help to fade the colour. I wouldn't consider going under the laser unless the size of the marks were really long or thick.

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