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Why is my newborn so unsettled at night?

Just wondering if any experienced mums/moms can comment on why my little girl who is 2 1/2 weeks old is so unsettled after her night feeds? It's taking me an hour and half to get her down again after she wakes to feed at night. She doesn't feed continuously, eats a few mins then sleeps, then eats a few mins, I change her between, do other side and then burp her for a few mins, then it takes half an hour or more to get her settled enough to get her back into her basket?? Then once she wakes up around 7am or so, shes awake the rest of the morning. So I am hardly getting any sleep!
I keep the lights really low (have those fake candles) and only talk softly if I need to soothe her, and I only change her if she needs it (which is most of the time).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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try not to change her to your other side unless she's fed for more than 10mins on one as she may be getting lots of foremilk and not really much hindmilk and hindmilk has this lovely hormone in it that relaxes your baby. i swear by my rocking stand although a lot of people wouldnt advise it as they can get reliant to rocking but i dunno what id do without it to be honest. or maybe try playing white noise off youtube? like heavy rain, vacuum cleaner noises etc.

my LO loves listening to this before he sleeps it might work for you?

sorry if none of this helps aha

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^Aside from this, it's just going to take more time I suggest swaddling her very tight at night and for sleep because she's not used to being 'loose' and being open/loose startles them awake at that age. Re-creating the womb is what really helps (loud constant noise, darkness, tight tight swaddle, swinging motion)

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^^ What they said!

Also, it will take time. She has just come into a strange new world when all she really wants is to be back with you! Lots of cuddles and movement should help. If she sleeps in a basket or crib, try putting somehting that smells like you in there for her - that way she will be able to smell you and make be able to self settle. Not a guarentee, but may help.

Congrats on your lil' lady!

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My son was terrible when he was younger, I ended up swaddling him and it made such a difference, it made him settle much quicker and he would sleep for longer. As they get older they do improve, my lo was so noisy, he would pretty much make noise all night long, he would thrash around and if he wasn't awake he would wake me up by being so noisy in his sleep. Def recommend swaddling, it doesnt have to be a long term thing, we stopped swaddling about a month ago because he's big for his age and kept escaping, we had some rough nights but he's a much sounder sleeper now.

She was lovely and snug when she was in your tummy, and swaddling makes them feel secure and snug again.

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Its a tough one hun, it comes with time. I used to try and cluster feed in the evenings and then if Thomas fell asleep I used to stroke his cheek to try and wake him up and feed again. I also started co-sleeping when he was 4 weeks old that way I got maximum amount of sleep! You can find documents in the natural parenting section telling you how to do it safely!

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