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I wish I had noticed this thread two weeks ago! Maybe I'd have a bit more sanity about myself than I have at the moment!

Our little lady has always been really good at going to bed. We've always just popped her in bed and walked out the room and she's fallen asleep on her own....not now...

I think it all stems from when we were staying at OH's parents for four nights. She had to share a room with us (she was in a travel cot) and was quite unsettled the first night because of the strange room. After that, she settled down a bit, but there were a couple of nights where we had to bring her in to bed beside us as she just wouldn't settle and we didn't want to keep the rest of the house up......que the start of the sleep problems.

Since we got home, DD won't go to sleep at night or for her nap unless one of us is in the room with her. If we leave, she screams bloody murder! When she falls asleep at night, she very regularly wakes up crying and we have to go through and sit with her. I'm exhausted.
We've tried a number of things. She's got two night lights in her room (always has had this) so we tried switching one off, then the other, then both....nothing. We tried leaving her door open...nothing. We've tried teddies, no teddies, water, no water, gradual retreat, walk in walk out....all to no avail.

I'm running out of methods to try! We've got the cry it it out method left (I really want to avoid this) or controlled crying (willing to give it a shot) still to go. She also has a glitter lamp which I haven't tried yet. I thought maybe her being able to watch this at night would be quite calming and help her drift off to sleep and get her back on track? Any advice or support very much appreciated xx

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Mum (Mom)
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Same with my son. - calpol works quire well when he was teething.

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