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Sleepless Nights Support Thread

Thought I'd start another one of these off as I thought it's a good idea to have somewhere where we can all share advice and problems about our LO's sleeping habits as the other one got a bit out of hand.

Anybody is welcome to have an input. If your LO does sleep through the night and you have any advice for us poor mummy's who don't get much sleep that would be much appreciated!

Grace had a couple of nights where she slept SO well I thought I'd finally cracked it. Since 10 o clock till 9.15 this morning she woke 6 times, bearing in mind that she wakes for an average of half an hour before going back to sleep. I am SHATTERED

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Caitlyn is still sleeping rubbish and I have come to the conclusion it's her teeth. She screams with it now too!!!

Anyone got any advice on teething and sleeping, because I've tried crystals and calgel but they're doing nothing!!

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Poor Caitlyn Grace went through a stage like that, the only thing that calmed her down was bonjela. I could see the start of teeth coming through and she would scream and scream. Although she didn't scream when she woke up she just woke to chew on something! I don't really know what to suggest though. I heard crystals were the best thing but you've tried them. How often does she wake with it?

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For the past 2 weeks she has been up almost every hour from 1-2am I'm soooo tired. I bought those teething dummy type things, and NOTHING she isn't interested. I hope I'm not mistaking this as teething and it's something else.. I'm sure I can see atleast 3 teeth in her mouth waiting to pop through..

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The only reason I got confused was because I could see teeth on the top, not bottom and I always thought they got their bottom teeth first. Is she always chewing on everything? Grace just chews on her clothes, fingers, anything she can get her hands on that WASN'T a teething ring. She wouldn't have anything to do with it. I thought that might be the problem with her sleep but she seems to have calmed down now but her sleep patterns are still all over the place

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calpol works for Kaya when she's teething

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Jack was still waking in the night at 18 months!!!! I was exhausted, but it was easier to get him to settle down at that age than with a little baby, i made the mistake with Jack of getting him up and taking him downstairs for a drink everytime he wok, so he wouldn't wake Emily up
That was a huge mistake as it really did make a rod for my own back!!!

The best thing i found with Both of them at some point, was a warm bath then i used to massage a special baby oil with lavender in. I always used Johnsons bedtime bath and that seemed to work a treat.

At the ages of 3 and 4 month it is still to be expected at some point, a lot of things affect them at these ages, teething, growth spurt etc....

The best advice i can offer is to try not to get too stressed yourself though i know it is dificult at stupid o'clock when you ave been up 20 times!!!
If you get stressed and worked up baby picks up on that and that makes them even harder to settle

Good luck girls you will get there eventually, remember if you can catnap when they do

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18 months?! I usually bath Grace in the morning but maybe I'll start at night instead

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Caitlyn has her bath at about half 9 in the morning. She is asleep now. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong..



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