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5 Month Old - Always Tired

My LO has just turned 5months. And she has Loads of naps every day. She will be awake for an hour and then need another nap. Her naps are 40 minutes long, and this is like clockwork, she will not nap any longer during the day.

Is this normal?

Also, she still takes 5/6 bottles, each 6oz, each day, could this be why? Or is it totally normal for her to do this?

PS, she sleeps from 8.30pm - 6am, waking up once for 10 minutes for a bottle

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Omar used to nap every 1.5 hrs at 5 months but he used to take longer naps than your LO (around 1-2 hrs each). If she's alert when she's awake there is nothing to worry about hun.

As for milk, Omar was on 4 bottles but he used to drink much less than the recomended for his age. xx

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A 40minute nap isn't refreshing hence why she's tired after only an hour. If she's happy in the hour she's awake then I'd say it's fine and just keep putting her down as soon as she's tired to avoid overtiredness and grumpiness :-)

Try extending her naps by creeping in at 35minutes and hold and pat her back for 15mins or so to see if you can help her into another sleep cycle xx

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