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6 month old baby, what does your babys daily food intake look like?

I am confused as have been trying to follow my HV'S guide for my little man as I have weaned him. he is 6 months and I weaned him at 5mths as he is a big boy weighing 20lb and was losing interest in his milk.

His weaning happened quite rapidly , he went quite quickly up to 3 solid meals a day and from just a few spoonfulls to full jars!

but the last week or so its been strange and he has been waking in the night sometimes 3am for a bottle and all other days waking about 6am as opposed to 7am for his first bottle.

I worry that he doesnt take enough milk in the day also.

A general day looks ike this:

6am-7am 5-6 oz bottle
9am- cereal or pureed fruit breakfast

(sometimes between 9am and 12:30 he has a bottle but never takes more than 4-5oz)

12:30-1pm lunchtime: 1 jar of veggie meal followed by pureed fruit pot

3:00-3:30pm bottle of milk 6oz

6:00 teatime: a jar of something like cottage pie or chicken and veg
bottle of milk (whatever he takes if he will have any)

9:00 bedtime bottle 6oz

does this seem like he is getting enough milk? also to me it seems as though he is dropping weight but he was a lil chubster from birth at 9lb 13 oz so maybe he is just levelling out.
would b intersted to see other 6 moth olds food plan for a day

I think I'm just worried cos every day seems different and some days he just isnt interested in milk full stop!

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My lo isn't that old yet, but maybe try giving bottle before solids that way he is not full by the time it is bottle time. I heard that, not sure how true this is, but they should take two times their body weight in oz of formula, but not to exceed like 35 oz---not sure if thats how I heard it exactly---but if your worried you should contact your pediatrician and ask what they think normal intake is.

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My LO is almost 6 months, i've been weaning her since she was 4 months due to her not gaining weight/dropping percentile lines. She was a chubster when she was born at 9 pounds 9 1/2 ounces but when I last got her weighed (around 2-3 weeks ago) she was 15 pounds 2 ounces.

So our daily routine is as follows:

07:00 Bottle - 90-120 ml (4-5 ozs)
08:00 Brekkie - Baby Cereal (made with formula), mixed with 2 large ice cubes of fruit puree
12:00 Bottle - 90-120ml (4-5 ozs)
12:30 Lunch - 2 large ice cubes of savoury puree (chicken casserole, or vege puree), 2 large ice cubes of fruit puree or baby yoghurt mixed with formula and baby rice
15:00 ish Finger Foods
16:30 Bottle - 90-120ml (4-5 ozs)
18:00 Dinner - 1 1/2 ice cube portions of savoury puree (generally vege puree), finger foods, Heinz baby dessert mixed with formula and baby rice
19:45 Bedtime Bottle - 90-120ml (4-5 ozs)
22:00 Dreamfeed - 90-120ml (4-5 ozs)

Wow just writing that out has shown me just how levelled out my LO's bottles have gotten. I keep a note of everything, what time she gets up, bottle times, how much, what food she's had, etc etc and I only just noticed that

All in all she has around 600-650mls (20-22 ozs) of formula a day, and around 150mls of juice.

She goes to bed at 8pm and doesn't *generally* wake til 6/7am. She does still have nights when she wakes, but she only ever wants her dummy. I've fed her once at night in the past 2 1/2 months and that was only because she really wasn't interested in her milk all day.


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Avery isn't much of an eater.

8 am - 1/2 jar cereal
9 am - 7 oz bottle
10:30 am - 1 or 2 crackers, 1 oz juice with 2 oz water
12 pm - 1/2 jar vegetable
1 pm - 7 oz bottle
3 pm - 1 or 2 crackers, 1 oz juice with 2 oz water
5:30 pm - 1/2 jar fruit
6:00 pm - 7 oz bottle
9:30 pm - 7 oz bedtime bottle

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i also started my LO on solids a month early at 5 months. his typical day approximatley is
4am- 8 oz bottle (follow on milk)
8am- 4 oz bottle with porridge (made with water)
12pm- 4 oz bottle with lunch (normally jarred food or veg pots)
4-5.30pm- 4 oz bottle with tea (pureed fruit, toast (finger food) or jarred food)

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At the moment Sophie has:

7.00am - Bottle 4/5oz.
8.00am - Baby porridge (says to make with water but i use formula).
11.30/12.00pm - Full 125g savory jar and half a yogurt.
2.30/3.00pm - bottle 6oz
5.30pm - full savory jar and half a yogurt.
7/8pm - bedtime bottle 6oz.
1.30am - 7oz bottle.

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Hollie's not all that interested in food. She would rather have the spoon to play with. She has all her usual milk feeds with half a jar of food at lunchtime. She's still growing at a steady rate so i don't see any need to push her.

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My LOs eating has slowed right down she has:

5am - 6oz bottle

10:30 - Porridge made with 2 scoops of porridge and 4 of her formula

11:30 - 5oz bottle (the rest of what was used for her brekkie)

2:00 - 1 cube of dinner usually something fruity and some finger foods like fruit or veg sticks but she doesn't really eat much of the finger foods

6:00 - 1 cube of something savoury like chicken casserole or veg puree, I give her some fingers foods like toast but she just usually throws that on the floor for the dog

7:00 - 6oz bottle and then bed

She used to eat sooooo much more

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My LO started weaning at 6 months but is 7 months now; he is BLW so its a bit different but I always offer milk first (BF) and he's still having roughly 8 feeds a day (though some of these are very brief), he also has 1-2 meals a day depending on if he seems interested in 1 or 2 meals and sometimes has a snack mid morning or mid afternoon. Right now he is eating a few raisins as he has a good pincer grip already. The amount he has for a meal is approximately equivalent in amount to one of those Tommee Tippee bowls with the lid that the spoons fit into, if he has porridge or pasta for example his portion will fit into that bowl; not that he always eats all of it xx

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