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A Poem for New Parents; Beautiful

A Poem For New Parents

The sun has gone down, the whole world is sleeping,

Yet alone in the darkness sits a mum gently weeping;

Her baby awake, how loudly his wail,

The mum tries to help, but her efforts all fail.

In comes the father, all bleary eyes,

He too is stumped by his little boy’s cries;

He so needs his sleep, he’s desperately tired,

Affecting his work so, he fears he’ll be fired.

The baby now frantic, sobbing and screaming,

his parents wishing for lost sleepful dreaming;

Still they don’t know what their little boy needs,

Not understanding his cries and his pleads.

Yet if they listened just a little bit more,

trusted their instinct rather than closing the door;

Picked up and cuddled their dear little boy,

rather than give him a bright plastic toy.

Carried him round near their heart in a sling,

not pacing the hallway trying to sing;

Cuddled him close in their bed so to sleep,

They’d wake in the morning and not hear a peep.

For babies need us, our cuddles our hold,

We always need hugs, even when old;

would you like to sleep in the dark on your own?

even now you’re an adult, all fully grown?

The key to calm babies is not a routine,

Or a feed that is given during a dream;

Babies don’t manipulate, of that never fear,

There’s no rod to make, so hold your boy dear.

So pick up your little one, a warm embrace,

and drift off together to a sweet special place;

There’s nothing so magical as a snuggly newborn,

Cherish this time now, because in the future you’ll mourn.

All the time wasted spent trying to self settle,

whilst dear G*** told you to boil the kettle;

throw out the books that make you so glum,

know that YOU are the expert – because you’re the mum!


(I've asterisked the name of a well known advisor on parenting as I understand discussion of her is discouraged xxx

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that's beautiful

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ahh i want to leave work now and go cuddle my little girl!!

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