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Stubborn Diaper Rash.

I've tried numerous creams, oatmeal lavender soaps, diluted teatree oil, cloth diapering, and even breastmilk.

I cant tell if anything has helped it.
It came on last week, and has spread mostly near her labia, not on her butt.

It's been a week now, and I really need this gone. I cant stand that it's been there this long. HELP?

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Ohh I have found a FAB cream - Ill just google the name of it.
I out a thread on here and a few people suggested it and the reviews on amazon were great.
My LO had a bad case of it and within 24 hrs it looked so much better, It did take a week to completly go but it did work straight away


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Its called metanium hun


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Its amazing!!
My LO had mega bad nappy rash, it started to clear up by the next nappy. Next day it was pretty much gone!!
You can buy it in tesco etc.. Its in a yellow tube (thats in a yellow box) with purple writting.
Also use cotton wool & water rather than wipes if you can.
Metanium does stain clothes, & you only need a tiny bit so a tube lasts ages..

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Plenty of nappy off time and change her nappy every hour so its always dry there.

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My friends had a really stubborn one and they swear by triple paste (its very pricey, but its the only thing that worked on their girl!)

I've read great things about coconut oil
organic/virgin/cold-pressed coconut oil is best.. it has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and some people swear it works better than all the store brands (its safe for cloth diapers if you're interested in that)

Lots of air time too..

breastmilk can make it worse if its yeast-related (or so I read)

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