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Anyone else's friend ditch them after baby?

Not only did my one and only friend ditch me after LO was born, she had the nerve to text me and tell me she's off "having the time of her life". All this after I asked her to be the godparent too.

I am so angry its not even worth writing about.

Just wondering if I'm alone. I'm almost 25 by the way. It's not like we're 16. You'd think she was though.

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Sounds like she's jealous to me hun, why else would she be trying to make you feel like shit! Xxx

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if this ends in a mini essay sorry !

Ha this happened to me a long time ago. All my friends from school and college all went off to University. I'm 21 and OH is 24. when me and OH moved in together most of my friends stopped texting me to ask me on nights out, see if I wanted lunch etc because in the beginning we just didn't have the money. Don't get me wrong I offered them to come round for a brew (and a noisy) but they didn't get back to me.

When I was seeing the pictures of nights out on the beloved FB. I did envy them beucase I would have been with them if I didn't have bills to pay but then I smiled and thought DVD and cuddles are miles better then the hangover in the morning.

Since becoming pregnant it's me who texts most of my friends to see how things are going and when they are next home and then making plans. When some of them say yeah I'll come round or we'll do lunch they back out at the last minute.

Some have been sarcastic and off hand with me saying you wanted to settle down with the house and baby on the way. Shame you can't come out etc. I just laugh and think well I'll be doing my university things when Peanut is older and I've actually got the money to do it and not be in debt etc.

Also the only time they text me is when they are bored or down and need something e.g. a friend to go with them for moral support if someone is ill (not sounding harsh using me to go to the hospital etc). Also only ask if I'm okay if they see OH or my family out and about etc that day. So it's like oh I know her she's a 'friend' I'll text her.

Now I'm not bothered as much because I know they'll be texting loads when Peanut arrives but I won't be making the huge effort and hoping to go to mum and baby groups etc so I'll make new friends and we'll have something in common when it comes to our new additions!

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Yep! This pretty much happened as soon as I was pregnant. Not drinking changed my activities. Moving on... love this kid. Would way rather be with him.

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Im the same age as you and had a friend who ditched me once I got pregnant. This friend was never a true friend anyway so I'm not that bothered but she showed her true colours. When I was pregnant she told me to 'suck my belly in because men won't look at us otherwise' then she said I'm a bad friend for not coming out when I was dying of hyperemesis morning sickness. She never came to my baby shower when she said I was her closest friend and didn't meet my daughter until she was 6 months old. Then again called me a bad friend because I didn't answer all of her 1,000,000 a day phonecalls which were always her crying about her latest boyfriend she was madly in love with... except she got a new one every week.

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