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2 month old biting down on my finger - is this teething?

If you've been reading my other threads you can see I've got a lot of questions because my LO is super unhappy a lot of the time and I'm just looking for answers so I can help him.

During his most recent night feed hd didn't want his bottle, but he was awake and crying and the soother didn't help either he just spit if out. He dis take a few sips of his feed, but was swallowing air with it, so when I was burping him I stuck my thumb in his mouth that was covered with a muslin. He stopped crying and was quite content to chomp down quite hard on my finger. First it was only in the front, but he pushed it around with his Tongue and had a good chomp on both sides & far into the back of his mouth as well.

Is this teething, or was he just bored and trying something new? I didn't think teething was supposed to happen until 4 months? My LO is only 10 weeks.

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I'm not sure but my LO does this too and has done for quite a few weeks. He's 3 months now and it looks like he's got two white marks on his gums ( he won't keep his mouth open for me to be able to be sure) so I guess it could be teething.

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Teething can happen at any age . When my little girl was that age she use to do it I think it its them developing and discovering new textures just so happened it was at night

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Isabelle does this too... not sure if teething but she dribbles a lot and chews her fist so I guess she might be!

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