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Do I need an air purifier and humidifier?

I have two dogs that do shed a lot. I try to keep up with vacuming, but honestly usually find better things to do! The dogs are in our bedroom at night which is where the baby will be sleeping the first few months. Should I get an air purifier or just be very diligent about house cleaning (not to come off as a complete is clean, but dogs do shed daily) or does a bit of dog hair not matter anyway?

Humidifiers....should I get one for the bedroom?

Thank you!

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I'm not sure how it would affect the baby tbh, I would say you don't need one. But I'd also start putting the dogs in another room if it was me. No matter how brilliantly behaved they are I wouldn't leave them to be able to reach baby while you sleep - plus the more animals (human or dog etc) in one room then the more chance of everyone waking each other up.

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Air purifiers are great! We got one in our last place as the people before us used to smoke. We also have 2 dogs that used to come in our room but since being in our new house and since LO arrived the dogs are downstairs and it is much better! I would put them in a different room for lots of reasons. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! xx

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Get your dogs professionally groomed. It will cut down on the dander and hair once they are deshed. Then it will be easier to keep up on them by raking with an undercoat rake if they are medium to long haired, or a curry brush if they are short haired. Although it cost money, keeping them on a grooming schedule will dramatically cut down on allergens in your home. Don't forget to regularly wash their bedding, too.

I have severe allergies and asthma and live with a husky and a retriever. I'm a groomer, too.

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I've never heard of this. I have a GSD who sheds constantly and dont have a purifier, now he is rolling around the floor and inevitably gets dog hair on him even tho i hoover a LOT i dont think it does any harm tbh.

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I forget where I read it, but having LO grow up with animals actually reduces the future risk of allergies. We have a cat and she's forever in our bedroom where LO's cot is and we don't have an air purifier.

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We have 2 huskies and a jackrussell! So so much hair! I vacuum twice a day and still cant keep on top of it! The dogs get brushed every night aswell! We have no air purifier or anything!
Be warned some MW are soo funny about it. One came in a looked horrified when she seen the dogs and said oh goodness me i hope your not letting them near your child! Another one who came said oh what lovely dogs, i think all children should grow up with dogs!

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