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Morning bath vs night-time bath

Just curious ladies, do you bath LO on a morning or on a night?

I wanted to get a bath before bed into Josh's routine as early as possible, so he would just accept it as the norm as he grows up. Mr Joshua has other ideas.

He's so hit & miss over his afternoon sleep that I can never be sure I'm going to get enough time to bath him at night.

So this morning he was being fussy, not wanting to go back to sleep at 7 30am (mummy is dying of sleep deprivation & wanted an hour) so I though I'd give him a bath as something productive to do with the time.

Cue bath, which he loves.

Half hour later, he's fast asleep. So I'm thinking I'll bath him on a morning for a while, just to make sure he gets a bath everyday & it clearly helps him with a morning sleep.

Mummy on the other hand is now wide awake & ready to get on with her day ):

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We bath Isabella at night as part of her routine and I always think it unwinds her. When she was younger I thought a bath at night would help relax her wee body after being handled all day, I suppose I think the same the now.
I see no harm in bathing her in the morning though, we have done this a few times if she has fallen asleep early at night.
Which ever suits you best.


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I bath in the mornings as I have more time to burn then. We still have a bedtime routine- feed, mobile/projector, dummy and sleep. Maybe when she's older we might switch but it works well for us as the moment.

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I bath my LO in the morning as I have more time.. ill bath her at night once we start putting her in her cot (having to co sleep as my house is being refurbished) x

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I bath in the morning as it's easier at the moment time wise but I want to start a bedtime routine where we bath at night

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I bath LO at night, part of our bedtime routine. It really tires him out and has him ready for bed x

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Usually in the morning because I feel a bit more alive ;p but we don't have any routine for bedtime x

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I bath at night. It's honestly because that's when I had my bath when I was little. I think it stems from the idea of going to bed nice and clean, then getting all messy during the day. I think I switched to mornings when I was a teen because I hated feeling oily

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We mix it up! Weekend's will be an afternoon bath, weekdays will be an evening bath, (we need to bath Ely before Auron goes to bed at 7:30 in case he cries cause the bathroom is next to Aurons room) but we only bath the boy's twice a week (unless they get uber messy -Auron with food/arty things, Ely with the dreaded explosive poo or sick which thankfully hasn't happened yet!-). Auron's routine for bed is 7:30, Milk cup, kisses night night for who-ever is here, snuggle in bed with blanky, and then he's read to until he fall's asleep. OH is reading him harry potter (already close to finishing the chamber of secrets) and I'm reading the rohld dahl books, currently charlie and the chocolate factory.
Ely has a feed roughly 9pm, then he'll fall asleep, so OH will get cuddles with him for a bit, then he's put to bed (moses basket lol), so going from a light room to a dark room has helped get him into a good sleeping routine already for night. He'll sleep for about 5-6hour's now before waking for a feed between 3-4am, then it'll be 2hour's later.

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I've always bathed Fran in the morning. I just find it easier to fit in and she loves to splash and play so it doesn't relax her anyway. I particularly found it helpful when we started weaning and she would ALWAYS get her breakfast in her hair - then it would be straight into the bath lol.

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