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Thanks Heather for starting this thread, i love it

Your name: Rachel
Your babys name: Finley
Age: 10 months tomorrow
Favourite foods: Banana, pasta bolognese, water melon
Recent milestones: Standing alone for about 10 seconds and going to our dog for a kiss.
Likes: Mummy and Daddy singing to him, biting the table and us telling him "no", food and going to the park.
Dislikes: Getting dressed, the living room door being closed when he's on a mission to escape, natural yoghurt, rice.

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Your name: Lisa
Your babys name: Jennifer Anne
Age: 6.5months
Favourite foods: Yorkshire pudding, carrot, anything mum and dad are eating!
Recent milestones: Shaking her head for no, walking with support, pulling herself up on her cot bars.
Likes: Making people laugh! Remote controls and mobile phones.
Dislikes: leaving the party while it's still going on!

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your name: holly
your babys name: Isabelle
age: 7 weeks and 3 days
favourite food: milk
recent milestones: holding her head more steady and smiling
likes: cuddles with daddy, laying in her moses basket "talking" to herself, baths with mummy and tickling her cheeks lol
dislikes: no one talking to her lol

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Old Jan 2nd, 2012, 20:06 PM   34
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Your name: Nicci
Your babys name: Quinton
Age: 16 weeks (Aug 30 2011)
Favourite foods: Besides milk, he loves gripe water!
Recent milestones: Babbling "mama", laughing and grabbing things
Likes: TV, kicking in the bath, rolling beads
Dislikes: Being on tummy, hiccups

and one of him watching tv

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Old Jan 2nd, 2012, 21:44 PM   35
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Ohh Phantom I love that first pic of your LO.

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Old Jan 2nd, 2012, 22:19 PM   36
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I read a lot on this forum, but rarely post...I thought this would be a good place to sort of introduce my cute little girl!

Your Name: Rae
Your Babys Name: Ayla Rayne
Age: 4 months (19 weeks)
Favourite Foods: still a booby
Recent Milestones: LOTS of babbling and raspberry blowing lately...also can sit for about 10 seconds all by herself and has just started standing with us holding just her hands =)
Likes: chewing on her hands, chewing on our hands, chewing on toys, chewing chewing...did I mention chewing?? She also loves music...always makes her happy when we play her our music!
Dislikes: Being on her tummy, waiting for her meal while I adjust her for a feed...sooo impatient!

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Old Jan 2nd, 2012, 22:41 PM   37
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So many cute babies!!

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Old Jan 3rd, 2012, 04:55 AM   38
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Your Name: Laura
Your Babys Name: Sophie Louise
Age: 13 weeks
Favourite Foods: milk, milk and more milk!
Recent Milestones:started to giggle - so cute!
Likes: cuddles, people talking to her, the bath, singing and her fav buzz the bee toy
Dislikes: waiting for her bottle, going in her carseat at first and putting her tops on

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Old Jan 3rd, 2012, 05:27 AM   39
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Your Name: Jessica
Your Babys Name: Tabitha
Age: 7 months
Favourite Foods: Banana, avocado, bread, garlic
Recent Milestones: holding hands out to be picked up, started bear walking, repeating sounds, started stepping when her hands are held.
Likes: bath time, being outside regardless of weather, dogs (hysterically laughs when she sees them) eating and sleeping
Dislikes: sneezes, being woken up, Cornish water, having things taken off her.

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Your Name: Ruth
Your Babys Name: Jennifer or 'Jen'
Age: 2 wks 4 days
Favourite Foods: booby juice
Recent Milestones: smiling
Likes: cuddles, baby gym & her big sister
Dislikes: baths, wet nappies & swaddling

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babies , introduce

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