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Originally Posted by kcbmama View Post
Your Name: Ruth
Your Babys Name: Jennifer or 'Jen'
Age: 2 wks 4 days
Favourite Foods: booby juice
Recent Milestones: smiling
Likes: cuddles, baby gym & her big sister
Dislikes: baths, wet nappies & swaddling
Ohhh! Another Jennifer!

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Your Name: Ebony
Your Babys Name: Lucas
Age: 9 months
Favourite Foods: yoghurt, toast, anything i'm eating!
Recent Milestones: has been cruising for about two months but no signs of standing unaided or walking just yet! and he cut his third tooth two days ago
Likes: having run of the house, having his own way, eating, baths, shouting at strangers through the living room window
Dislikes: being dressed, having his nappy changed, being ignored...

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Your Name: Hannah
Your Babys Name: Harrison - but we call him Harry
Age: nearly 5 months
Favourite Foods: milk, sucking on a pear
Recent Milestones: sitting up on his own - not for very long!! but i think it's super!
Likes: Standing up, kidney tickles, his daddy - always squeeling with laughter with him!! pulling his socks off
Dislikes: being on his own, when daddy makes loud noises, red wine haha

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Your Name: Carolyn
Your Babys Name: Serenity
Age: Nearly 9 weeks
Favourite Foods: Milk lol
Recent Milestones: Smiling and rolling onto her sides
Likes: Me making a fool of myself trying to make her laugh.
Dislikes: Everything atm she still got colic and reflux so not always a happy baby.

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Your name - Em
Your Babys name - Leo
Age - 4 months and 12 days
Favourite food - Milk! He's tried a teeny bit of mash potato and a teeny bit of carrot from my soup but he wasn't very impressed!
Recent Milestones - Sitting unaided for about a minute and rolling from his front to his back.
Likes - Mummy or Daddy pretending to eat his neck! Bouncing for hours in Jumperoo and falling off to sleep with his My Pal Scout
Dislikes - Getting dressed/undressed.. And the doggies playfighting!!

(I can't figure out how to upload a photo on my phone!)

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Your Name: Sonal
Your Babys Name: Dillan-Cooper
Age: 10 months
Favourite Foods: cheese, and mummys milkies, petit filious, scones, mummys roasties
Recent Milestones: standing unaided for long periods, cruising
Likes: mummys milk, throwing food at the dog, baths, singing with daddy, the dog, hitting the telly, hollyoaks theme. Anything he isn't meant to have. most things.
Dislikes: car seat, pushchairs, doctors, being told no! And being spoon fed now.

For picture see display picture

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Your Name: Mia
Your Baby's Name: Audrey
Age: 4 weeks
Favourite Foods: Breast milk
Recent Milestones: Smiling and cooing
Likes: Nursing, swaddling, bouncing around with mommy to music & playing with daddy
Dislikes: Baths, getting diaper changed & hiccups

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Your Name: Samantha
Your Babys Name: Jessica
Age: 4wks
Favourite Foods: Milk
Recent Milestones: Holding her head up for longer than 2 seconds
Likes: Bathtime
Dislikes: Cold wet wipes

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Your Name: Susan
Your Babys Name: Robert
Age: 17 weeks
Favourite Foods: Milk
Recent Milestones: Attempting to roll over, teething
Likes: Bath time, food, rainforest swing, going for walks and sleeping
Dislikes: Injections. Being ignored!!

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Your Name: Nikki
Your Babys Name: Zack Tony (Tony is my dads name)
Age: 16 weeks 6 days
Favourite Foods: rice pudding, banana porridge, puréed mangoes!
Recent Milestones: Pooped on his own for the first time since 4 weeks old (15 weeks 1 day)
Likes: cuddles with mummy & sitting in his bumbo & bedtime stories
Dislikes: daddy & MIL

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