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feel like my head is going to explode

super fed up today.

i feel like my head is going to explode trying to juggle everything.

i have one job which i hate-i have no work to do since coming back of maternity(ongoing issue which is stressful enough), supposed to be made redundant end of May but they are trying to write a new job description, but it looks like the new job will be less money.

another job which i love which will eventually mean when i have two babies i can be at home during the week with them and work weekends. problem is it doesn't provide enough work at the moment to give up my first job as i'd still have to pay the bills and childcare.

my childminder i have for 1.5 days a week can't look after LO for much longer and so we need to look at increasing her nursery hours which means more money which i'm not sure we can afford. plus my train fares to first job have just increased. plus the days are only available for a short time until someone takes the place so i need to get in quick, but can't do that until i know if i'll have a job after May and how much that will pay.

aaargh it's driving me mad

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No wonder your head is about to explode with all that! I lecture one night a week, and have another job that's just one day at the weekend, and that's hard enough to juggle! I'm about to go back to my studies too and am a bit concerned about how to fit it all in

Hopefully you'll find out soon about your job so you can make a decision about childcare. Is there any way you could explain the situation to them, and get them to speed things up?

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