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My little one is so grumpy if she's still up at 5:30/6pm do my husband doesn't really see her during the week now as he leaves at 7:30 in the morning. He's quite gutted about it.

He's really good with doing stuff with her but does occasionally moan that he needs a break. I have to point out to him that I never get a break. He gets his evenings on the Xbox and watching films whilst I have to go to bed early 'cause I'm so shattered.

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Originally Posted by XJessicaX

She started out as 'piglet' and now seems to be called 'chicken little' Lol! The poor girl wont ever know what her real name is as we call her all manner of things!

I started calling her 'squeaker face' a few days ago too!!

my husband convinced my nieces and nephews that our lo is called Dave! She's a little girl!

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Hahahahah! Poor thing!

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