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I was due to go back to work in March, but my employer is flatly refusing any form of flexible working in my role. They're been completely unreasonable about it and insist only full-time will do. I am not going back full-time - no way am I paying the best part of 800 a month for someone else to have the privelage of brining up our child and we both just get to see him at weekends. I'm therefore looking for another job. It's all very stressful though. I'm daunted just at the prospect of going back to work after all this time, but to have to go back to somewhere completely new is 10 times worse. Plus there's all the hassle of potential tribunal action against my current employer and problems around my extra maternity pay

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Originally Posted by hulahoop09 View Post
Originally Posted by Rockell8788 View Post
hi i used to work full time before having ds and i vowed never to make the same mistake i did with dd and go back to work full time and miss alot of her growing i asked to step down as assistant manager and do part time but they refused to let me go so i told them to stick it there and then and have since become a support worker and work what i want when i want and the money is better. and i spend so much time with my children now, more so than ever and i love it so much
A support worker? Did you have previous experience in this? I am glad ny work are flexible as I need to work almost full time but doing over 3 days I can be at home 4 days a week. I just so wish I could take a couple of years out until she goes nursery. Wishing! Xx
None what so ever hun. I had been in retail for 10 years before I changed career and I wish I had done it sooner i absolutely love my job. I just sent my cv off online and within 20mins I had a called offering me the job and to start a 4 day training course the following week. I'm a support worker in domcilary care basically a carer for the elderly and I do anything for sitting having a chat and a cup of tea, to cooking meals, taking people shopping, general housework to administering medication and full personal care. It's so full filing. I work 4 evenings a week so about 20hrs and get over 250 a week

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