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IUGR- whats the chances of it again?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone could let me know if having problems in your first pregnancy with IUGR means I'm more likely to have the same issue in my next pregnancy or not?

Last pregnancy:
Everything went fine in my pregnancy apart from LO having enlarged kidneys and so we had an extra scan at 34 weeks, up until then he had always measured bang on but he was then measuring small so i got sent to the big hospital to talk to consultant who said it was probably ok but come back to check in 2 weeks just as a precaution and so i went back and LO hadn't grown at all and it was realised that my placenta hadnt been working properly and so my LO was effectively being starved and so they kept me in and induced me (then c sec) straight away.
I also had Oli----hydramnios whatever its called where you have too much amniotic fluid.

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Hey Tor! I'm afraid I don't know about the IUGR but I had polyhydramnios with my pregnancy.

I was told that I had a higher chance of having it second time round but I may also have a pregnancy without it. I have diabetes so there is that extra risk for me that I will get it again.


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I can't speak to your particular issue, but I can tell you my own experience. My first daughter had IUGR as well (born 2 lbs, 1 oz), which the doctors think was attributed to a blood clotting disorder I was not previously aware of. Essentially, they concluded that my blood was most likely clotting up in the vessels between the placenta and the fetus and my daughter was not receiving adequate nutrition inside me. I say they "think" this was the cause, since they could find no other explanation (as I'm sure you are aware, the most common reasons for IUGR are drug and/or alcohol use by the mother, inadequate diet, etc.- none of which applied to me). They took my daughter out via c-section at 32 weeks and she stayed in the NICU for 6 weeks- she is now 2 years old and has no health problems whatsoever.

Anyhow, since there was a chance this could happen again, I needed to go on blood thinners from the beginning of my second pregnancy. As I was now considered "high risk", I had to go to the doctor's office A LOT. But, it was all for the best as my second daughter was born full-term weighing 7 lbs, 4oz. She is now 5 months old.

So the chances of it happening again would depend on what the issue was- just discuss with your doctor. Regardless, they will probably want to monitor you much more the second time around.

Best of luck!

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My first daughter was an iugr baby. 5lbs 8oz at 38+ weeks. My other 2 kids were 9lbs 3 and 7lbs 6 so it only happened once for me.

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