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Sitting up from laying down?

When are they able to do this? Ella is trying constantly trying to do this and it is doing her head in not being able to. She used to lay and play with toys etc on her back but now ALL she wants to do is sit up. She will sit up fairly well unaided too but then pushes her legs out to lay down and then tries to sit up again! It's exhausting watching her! Shes a determined little monkey and won't give up, but she's started waking in the early hours and I'm wondering if that's why. We had her waking early when she was learning to roll, which she has mastered so she stopped waking early, but now it's started again!! Please tell me it's soon and not like a year or something! Cant put up with this for ages! Lol!!

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Leo was doing what I called baby sit ups until he was around 9 months old. Then one day he just did it and we didn't even realise just suddenly we said how did he sit up! From then on he realised he could do it.
I have a big baby and I think that restricted his movement. It maybe sooner for your lo. Xx

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Old Mar 2nd, 2012, 03:42 AM   3
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Isla has literally started doing it this week, along with full crawling. For what seems like months now she has been shouting at me frustrated as she couldnt really get up and about. hopefully your lo will get round to it quicker!
It was worth the wait though, the first time she did was in her cot so i went into a very smiley, pleased with herself baby!

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Sidney has started sitting to the side from an all fours position, but hasn't figured out how to push himself all the way up yet

He started leaning forward into a sitting position in his bouncer/swing from laying back, at about 5 months, so I had to ditch them!

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When Paige was 3 months, she did this, when she was lying back in her bouncy etc or on the couch, she would look like she was doing sit ups, but Im not sure she was actually trying to sit up as such...

She didnt manage to do it properly until she was about 8 1/2 months or so. She would lean on 1 arm and do a swivel and sit up

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Kai can sit up from crawling. So like he'll go from lying to crawling and then sitting but not from lying down. Im sure i read somewhere its 8/9 months

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Jake tries gettin up from lyin down, keep tellin him he's too young lol.he can sit a bout 10 seconds unaided then flops ova,

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