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how much milk should my 4 week old baby be on?

just a quick question....
does anybody know how much a 4 week old baby should be having at each feed? my baby is having 3oz and im worried that she isnt having enough.

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Mine is eating 80mil so close to 3oz about every 3-4 hours but closer to every 4. He's only about 6lbs though. If your baby isn't giving signs of being hungry or fussing 3oz might be what she's ok with. Try upping the amount and see if she wants the extra and keeps it down? Each baby is different with what they need.

Forgot to add that his pediatrician said he only needed to eat a minimum of 35mil to stay strong and gain a bit of weight but any extra is great and to feed him as much as he wants and can handle.

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Long as LO is putting on weight and healthy, then all is just fine hun. Our LO was barely drinking 2ounces at that age (maybe even less per feed?). She now drinks around 4ounces per feed- every 2-3hrs. Except for when she cluster feeds an hour before bed. LOL. She'll stock up to 8ounces or more then!

I'm sure there are some "guidelines" as to what is average... but every baby can vary so much.

Seems just fine to me

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Mine 4 weeks 2 days and drains his 5oz bottles, I am in the process of possibly switching him to hungry baby as dont think his tummy will take 6oz but he is alwaus starving!! He weighs 10lbs 3oz at the moment x

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Mine is taking just less then 3oz at every feed sometimes only 2oz, hes just over 2 weeks old and 5lb 12 now xx I really think it varies baby to baby and as long as baby is content after feeds and gains weight it cant be a problem.

My LO went through a greedy stage a few days ago when he started taking nearly 4oz but was making himself sick from overfilling himself so im glad hes cut down again xx

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long as your baby seems satisfied. thats about what mine was eating.

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