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sleeping, BFing, and burping.

so I have a couple questions..

if you're breastfeeding (or FF I guess) and your baby goes to sleep, can you lay them down without burping them? I'd hate for baby to spit up while laying down and choke or something..

and, when you set a baby down do you just lay them on their back? that seems very uncomfortable

probably stupid questions; but after reading a few threads over here (for future reference) I am a little curious.

thanks in advance

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I always burp him! He will either wake up, sick up, or get really cranky if I lay him down with trapped air in him. LO has to be in a sightly raised position for at least an hour after eating or he pukes a bit. I usually hold hm for a half hour then put him in his swing or his raised bassinet and always on his back. The only way I let him sleep on his belly is when I hold him to my chest and I'm wide awake. He's so cuddly that way and he relaxes fast. I really want to get a wrap so I can actually do things when I hold him like that.

Oh, I'm expressing and use dr browns bottles to reduce excess air intake. I still get good burps out of him! If you lay him down flat a few minutes after he eats, put a burp cloth under his head and turn his head to the side so it won't choke him that easily if he does spit up.

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I don't burp my baby at night time, he bfs to sleep and when he dozes off I pop him in his crib - always on his back.

He has only been sick once in his life and tbh it was only a teeny bit do I don't worry about that x

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I have a very sicky baby (reflux) and as we bf to sleep lying down I don't burp her and she isn't sick...

Any other feeding position I have to...

Oddly lying down to feed at night and during the night appears to not cause wind for my LO.

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I breastfeed.

At night if he falls asleep while feeding, I unlatch him and keep holding him up at my shoulder in the burp position, without actually burping, just for a couple mins before putting him down flat on his back.

If I am feeding laying down, we are both on our sides, facing each other, and no burping. He stays on his side and then rolls onto his back whenever.

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