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Living near family??

Do many of you have family near and how do you find it? Useful or annoying?

We were living 3 hours drive away from family until our boy was 4 months and decided to move to be down the road from both of our parents and my closest friend. We've been here for 5 months nearly and I totally regret the move!!!

My mother in law has spent practically the whole time depressed. The other day we babysat her (not the other way round as it should be!!) and when my father in law came to pick her up she told him she'd offer to pay a bit towards the cost of our son's christening (in 2 weeks) saying "as they're not contributing in any other way". He seemed surprised and said we are "we'll be here smiling and tutting". I asked what he could possibly tut at and he said "hmm I'm sure i'll find something"

I don't know why he'd say that?! It's his grandson's christening!!?

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Wired comment from your in laws???? I live four doors down the road from my MIL and FIL and before living here we lived five minutes drive away. I balanced out te pros and cons before we moved. Some people think I'm mad but we enjoy their company, they help with child care one day a week. They respect our privacy and if we say we don't want to see them it's cool with them. My husband is very close to his famiy an I just wish my family were closer too!

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We live a few roads away from my parents and a 20 minute drive from my husbands family.

I love being so close to my family and oh loves being a 'safe' distance from his, lol, so we have the best of both worlds!

My parents will just pop round unannounced every now and then, as we do to them but they're never overbearing or stick their noses in.


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nearest family is 3hrs away

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We lived near hubbies family (well not his dad as he lives in Thailand!) we moved to live near my family before the baby was born. I uprooted the hubster from his hometown and dragged him 2 hrs drive away back to mine - best decision we ever made , my mums been a god send xx

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My sister is a 5 min drive away but my mum is about 2.5 hours away. I hate it and wish she was just down the road too but she comes down all the time and it's nice to go and visit. I just cry my eyes out each time she goes. Strange comment to make from your FIL, I agree, don't know why he would he feel the need to "tut" at a christening, let alone his grandchild's

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Our parents are a 4 hour drive away. I wish mine were closer although I'm glad my in laws aren't. I'd hate to live anywhere else though.

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Mine are 5000 miles away.

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Ours are about a 2 and half hour drive. Wish they were closer to help out. So jealous of ppl living near parents or inlaws.

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We live 5 and 45 minutes drive from all of OHs family. I hate it because they are so close and they never bother to visit.
We are 2 hours from my family. My mum makes the 4 hour round trip every other weekend. It is all her spare money on petrol. We let her stay with us and she will sit for the evening if we want to go out.

I wish we were closer to my mum as she obviously loves spending time with us. OHs family obviously don't care so it doesn't bother me how far we are from them.

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