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Baby having different behaviour with my in laws?

My LO has always been quite content and has a lot of contact with both sets of grandparents. My in laws were away for a month and we are now living with them for a few weeks. So we are with them all the time and his MIL all day as she is retired.

He has always played contently, usually with them there as well, by himself and played with his toys etc and I love how independent he can be. But since they returned from their holiday he cries all the time until he is picked up. But today they aren't here and he isn't..... with me he will happily play on his own but whenever they are here he cries until someone picks him up.

I know they spoil him with cuddles and love to hold him etc - I have asked them not to pick him up all the time but is it because he now expects them to hold him?

Thanks for any advice, he is nearly 10 months btw.

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If they don't mind holding him I'm not sure you should worry about it. They sound like they have been lovely and affectionate with him. I don't believe you can spoil them with love and from the sounds of it he hasn't changed with you.

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