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Congratulations on your daughter! Love the name! I'd stick with the Bentley spelling.

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i like names to be spelt correctly unless it causes a problem with pronunciation.
I love it spelt as Beau and Bently

My sons name is not spelt as it should be but thats because its an arabic name and im not arabic so changed the spelling to make it easier on the british tongue ikwim

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I like the middle names. I'm not a fan of made up spellings. I know it's not (always) true, but it instantly gives me the impression they can't spell.

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I'd spell boy's name 'Beau' (without 'x' because Beau+x is vs beauties).

I'd go with Bentley for the girl's name spelling.

I prefer the middle names much more though...Beau Bordeaux is too rhyme-y for me. And to me Bentley is a posh car with a capped driver and a wealthy businessman sitting in the back whose selling of stocks and shares contribute to bloody fingers of child labourers in the developing world!

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Thank y'all so much...

It's official I can't change it my nanny is making my diaper bag and wipe case n changing pad!!

And it's gonna be Bentlie Elizabeth Boudreaux!!!!

So happy..

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