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Help me pick the name for my baby girl!!

I have a few names picked out.. I am really interested in a beautiful but uncommon name that's not over used! But don't want the baby to have a rough time with her name through out her life lol. Please give me feedback on these names, I am looking for a first and middle name and would love suggestions on others if u have any!! I am a first time mommy and I appreciate everything!
I do not have a set in stone for the name**


Any suggestions on names plz let me know and plz tell me what you think of these names!!! I am thinking*** of Ava being the first name.. But thanks!

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Okay, here goes my two cents:

Ava & Evelyn- timeless and feminine
Kataleya- unusual, really like it (from the movie 'Colombiana', right?)
Joselyn, Maliya, Jadalyn, Giselle, Azreala- not keen

Kataleya Evelyn would be a lovely combination.

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I absolutely love Ava and that was one of my own choices, but it's really popular in the US right now which is the only reason I decided against it. But I adore it and think it's a beautiful name.

I also really like Maliya.

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Some lovely names there

I think Ava and Evelyn are beautiful but they're very popular these days. I would have been tempted by Ava myself but wouldn't choose it for that reason.

I love Gisele, I never hear that one really and I think it's so elegant.

I like Joselyn, although I would probably spell it Jocelyn. And Josie for short is really cute.

I have to admit I'm not keen on Jadalyn, Maliya, Kataleya or Azreala, they're a bit overly fussy for my taste, but that's just my opinion.

I think if you were to choose any of the names you've got here, I'd suggest a simple, classic middle name to compliment it, rather than another of the names you've got.

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I feel the same as the other posters on Ava, I know 5 babies named Ava and all I can think is that at school they are going to be called by their last name to tell them apart.

I love Joselyn --- Josie is such an adorable nickname.
I would go with Joselyn Eve.

Not too fond of these names, can't really give a reason why though:

Good Luck!

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Ava - beautiful but very popular
Joselyn - not too keen sorry
Kataleya - pretty
Maliya - it's OK
Giselle - it's OK
Azreala - really like this.
Jadalyn - not keen
Evelyn - not keen

I think I just personally don't like names ending in -lyn so best to ignore my opinions on those three!

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i love evelyn its so classy x

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Ava - Great name, but way too popular (and too "plain") for my taste
Joselyn - Love the nn Josie!!
Kataleya - Very unique; honestly not sure how it's pronounced and I'd have to say that I think it's a complicated name to go through life with
Maliya - Not a fan, sorry
Giselle - Not an unusual name yet still not really heard of that often, I like it!
Azreala - Not a fan...Think it's the same as Kataleya - Spelling and pronunciation problems
Jadalyn - I like this combination but feel like it's missing something, if that makes sense?
Evelyn - Personally not a fan as it always seems to be shortened to Eve, Evie, etc. and I don't care for the nns, but Evelyn in itself is a nice name

How about...
Giselle Harper?
Jadalyn Lorraine?
Evelyn Grace?

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Loving Giselle

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