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So I have my little guy on Wednesday YAY! I am just still undecided on names. I regretted my 2nd sons name which is what is causing all these problems.

I am in love with a name- Oleksi, his nn would be Ollie which he would be called 95% of the time but both names will be used like my other children (my other 3 kids have nn too) but it is very different. My name is different and I have always had to pronounce and spell it but it has never worried me, I LOVE my name. My eldest son and daughters names are spelt different and my daughters name is different too but for some reason it doesn't worry me as much calling girls different names.

The other name is Nathaniel but I really am not in love with it at all. But it is more normal. More people like it but only because it is more heard of but that is prob why I don't like it as much.

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Go with the name u love!
My eldest is called zane and I get funny looks about that.
Sorry but not everyone can be called jack lol

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I like it! Go with the name you love.

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I like it, it's different. And if your in love for it go for it, like you said he'll be called Ollie most of the time anyway xx

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It's not difficult to say ole es ki??

I do like Nathaniel though and Nathan nn Nate.

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Is it pronounced similar to Alexi (Uh-Lex-ee)? That's how I'm saying it...

I'm personally not a fan, but if it's what you love then by all means go for it!! I like how you are planning on him having a more common nn Ollie is very nice.

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