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Old Jun 12th, 2017, 15:07 PM   11
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I can't suggest any boy nature names but Hazel is lovely!

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I absolutely love the name Rowen/Rowan.

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Old Jun 18th, 2017, 16:39 PM   13
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Rowan would be my pick

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Old Jun 19th, 2017, 08:29 AM   14
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I like Rowan

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Old Jun 21st, 2017, 18:19 PM   15
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Sorry if I repeat any, I didn't read previous replies!

Ash (Ashley, Asher, Ashton etc), Aspen, Alder, Aster, Aqua?
Birch, Bear, Bay, Basil, Brooks
Cove, Canyon, Cedar, Clay, Crane, Cypress
Eagle, Elder, Elm
Finch, Flint, Forrest, Field, Falcon, Fox, Ford
Gale, Glen
Harbor, Hawk, Harbour/Harbor, Heath
Jasper, Jett
Lake, leland, Lark, Leaf, Linden
Oak/Oakley, Orion, Ocean, Onyx
Peregrine, Pine
River, Ridge, Reed, Reef, Robin, Rowan
Sage, Skyler/Skylar/Sky, Stone, Storm
Wolf/Wolfe, Winter

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Old Jun 22nd, 2017, 07:27 AM   16
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I like rowan

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Old Jul 2nd, 2017, 20:27 PM   17
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Definitely River. It's a strong manly name and would look good on him in his adulthood.

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Old Jul 13th, 2017, 04:29 AM   18
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In all honesty, when I hear Hazel I don't automatically think "nature" but I get the connection, so bearing that in mind I would go for something that doesn't scream nature but also has the connection. Also, Hazel is not too "out there" as it's an old English name so I'd want something that matches - it's a hard one. Maybe Wren, Reed or Dale?

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Old Jul 19th, 2017, 03:14 AM   19
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Thank you all! I'm 39 weeks today and can you believe we still haven't chosen a name! Poor baby! These suggestions are very helpful

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Old Jul 19th, 2017, 13:23 PM   20
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Rowan is lovely and I love Oakley too.

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