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Elsie, Elsa, Elise....

I really like Elsie Rae or Elsa Lorraine (damn Frozen ruined Elsa, i fear =/) anyways, i have little boy named Elliot. DB has a DD named Emily. Is Elsie, Elsa, and Elise bad because we have an Emily and an Elliot (who we do calle Ellie occassionally)? Can i get some thoughts on wich you prefer?

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I like Elsie and Elise. what about Eloise? That's my daughters name so I'm a bit partial. I agree frozen may have ruined Elsa but honestly if you love it do it anyway.

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I really like Elise and also Ellen and/or Elena (pronounced el-ay-nah)

Sarah xxx

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I like Elise and Elsie but honestly Elsa was ruined by frozen, for me. Obviously if you love it, go for it.
I don't think the names are too close to siblings, it's nice that they are similar.

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My 2.5 year old daughter is called Elsie Rae, so obviously I love it! I don't think it's too much with Elliot. For me Elsa has definitely been ruined as a name by Frozen, even though it's a lovely name. I like Ailsa as an alternative.

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My name is Elise, so very partial to that one, lol. But, I love the sound of Elsie Rae, a lot. Very cute and it flows together well.

My cousin has two boys named Easton and Eathan and I just feel like the kids must get mixed up all the time.

At the same time, though, I wouldn't think there'd be any reason not to name one of your kids Elsie or Elise - even though you have an Elliot. Elsie and Ellie I'd say sound enough different that you could get away with it, especially because you don't call him Ellie all the time.

Anyway, my two cents for you.

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I don't think the names are too similar at all. If this baby is a girl her name will be Eloise, but we will call her Elsie for a nickname (middle name Brin).

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I seem to be the odd one here but I love love love Elsa. That's what I wanted to name my first if he had been a girl. I don't care if it's used in a Disney movie, it's beautiful, and in a few years, there will be another Disney princess taking over I'm sure!
Elsie seems to be extremely popular at the moment and I'm not too keen on Elise. I really like Eloise though!

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I know somebody who has an Elska - pronounced how it looks. It's different, I like it.

I really love all your names. I don't think any would sound odd with Elliot. I think Elise sounds the nicest.

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