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Sister for Lilia Rose

I've just found out I'm expecting again so thinking of names. I LOVE Emily/Emilie with the nickname Emmy/Emmie, I also love Faith and Anna.

I personally like Anna Faith but my husband isn't keen on Anna. He likes Emily Faith.

Out of those, what two names go together best and also go best with Lilia Rose?
I'd really appreciate any other suggestions

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Emily is hugely popular here so I wouldn't choose is as a first name personally. Anna and Faith are both lovely.

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Emily Faith is gorgeous! I was tossing up between Emma and Emily and agonised over it for months. We went with Emma, but she usually gets called Emmy.

I also adore Anna! I would have added Anna and Alice to my names list, but doesn't go well with the last name Anderson I think.

My kids all have common names, but Thomas is the only Thomas at his entire school. There's no Sophie's there, only a Zophia and a Sofia. So popular names don't concern me if I like them. I get complimented on my kids names all the time :-).

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Emily Faith is lovely

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I wanted to put Emily on our list but dh had a long time gf with that name so it was a no go.. But it is an extremely popular name .. I love the way Anna Faith goes with Lilia Rose!

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I love them both but I think Emily Faith sounds better!

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