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Is it weird to give baby same name as a friend?

This is baby #3 for us, our second boy and we're really struggling to agree on a name. The one we both like and keep coming back to is Luke. The problem is, a very good friend's partner is called Luke. We see them on a regular basis. I've spoken to my friend about it and they think it's hilarious and are more than happy for us to use it. Is it a bit weird though given that we see them so often? Don't know if I can get past it but it's one of the only names we both like and it's getting very close to my due date now. Would you use it?

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I would talk to them about it first - which you did - and then if they seem comfortable with the idea, USE IT! Enjoy it! You'll find a way to distinguish the Lukes when they're together.

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I don't see anything wrong with if your happy with it, friendships change as you get older so it might be that you lose touch and miss out on a name you liked

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Yes i think its totally fine. Different generations. If it was their child called Luke i'd steer clear because they may grow up together but an adult wouldnt bother me at all.

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Yes definitely, if it's what you like go for it!

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Yeah it's fine. Be prepared for the odd 'oh named after his dad' jokes from mutual friends. Or maybe that's just my friends lol

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Yes I would.

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I would use the name! You already spoke with your friends about it and I don't think it would be weird at all. There will probably be jokes of being named after the friend but those I would just go with and laugh.

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Imho, since they are ok with it then there is no problem using it . It would be a different story if he wasn't okay with it and is as close as a friend to you as he is.

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