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Yes boo, I worry about it being associated with a rogan josh curry too!!
I do really want Sidney but I don't think OH will. He likes Sidney but says he wouldn't want it shortened to Sid and it would bug him.

I like Stanley too! But not Stan.

Oscar is off our list now as one of OH's friends has a little boy called Oscar and after babysitting for a new hours at the weekend - I'm sick of saying the name already (he's a very busy 2 year old)

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I'm not a fan of Clay at all, it's something you get from B&Q. How about Carl?

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Originally Posted by kirstybumx3 View Post
I don't want to call my baby something I really don't like at all. I've got to call him that name forever.
That's what happens when one parent doesn't get a say in a name. My father called me 'Natasha-Marie' after a character in a 3 part War movie called War and Peace. My mother HATED my name when I was born and 32 years later, she still hates it. As do I. Needless to say, when Dad said he wanted Kasey for my brother, my mother told him 'get f**ked' and he went a week without a name until she named him. She did it again for my sister too. Dad got no say after my name. So by the time my mother ended up with my Stepdad and had my baby sister, he didn't get a choice either but in all reality, he didn't care what she was called and he didn't really want to be there for his daughter's birth either - which suited my mother because she told him he was going to work that day to which he did - happily. I don't have a typical family.

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My partner's name is Clayton but gets called Clay. He has a 2 syllable middle name and 3 syllable surname similar to yours. His name works really well together.

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