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What do you think about Otis?

My husband and I can't agree on any of our favorite names. The only one we both like is Otis. We live in the US but we're not from here so I'm curious of what "type" of name it is here, what is makes people think of. I've heard its a pet name. Is that true? Or is it only an old man's name? I don't care too much if people don't like my choice of name but I wouldn't want my little boy to share his name only with cats and dogs either. Please help!

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I love it, personally!

OTIS is a big elevator company here in Canada and in the States I believe, literally any time I get in an elevator I see "OTIS". So that's my first connection, but I don't think that's a big deal. Otis is an established name on its own.

My daughter is Abigail but goes by Abby and we meet dogs named Abby literally every other week. It is what it is. Lots of people name their pets "human" names (mine are named Toby and Theo) so you can run into that with any name. The only names I consider to be strictly pet names are ones like Spot or Boots that you're very unlikely to see a person with.

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Old May 2nd, 2017, 02:22 AM   3
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absolutely love it!

I know a fair few pets with the same name as my daughter but it wouldnt put me off a name. Saying that the only association i have with the name is the wonderful Otis Reading....and thats no bad thing is it?

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Old May 2nd, 2017, 17:52 PM   4
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I like Otis. My association with it is that it's a little hipster-y and old-fashioned (in a good way). I don't really think of pets. A lot of pets have 'people' names, but unless you're naming your kid Fido or Rover, I don't think it would stand out!

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Old May 6th, 2017, 16:20 PM   5
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I immediately think of the movie Milo and Otis, Otis was a pug dog. Not my favorite for a kid.

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Old May 7th, 2017, 19:57 PM   6
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Unfortunately, it depends on one's association with the name. For me, it is the name of the serial killer they hold responsible for Adam Walsh's murder (Otis Toole). However, it is also the name of multiple US celebrities' kids (Toby Maguire). Sorry for being so dark, but I'd want to know.

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I quite like it

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Old May 10th, 2017, 16:32 PM   8
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My association with Otis is some kind of olden time elderly groundskeeper or gardener. Must have been a book I read. It's not a very trendy name I think but it's unique.

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