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We never like the same names.. help!

Having trouble with me and OH liking completely different types of names. The only girls names we agree on are Mia and Sofia. But I'm not heart set on them! And for a boy Theo, but he said hes 'coming round' to it... I don't like any of the names he chooses haha.

If I could have it my way my girl would be Halle, and boy would be Theo. How can I convince him to like them 😂

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You could always come to a compromise... if it's a girl you get the name her and it's a boy he gets to name him or vice versa. Set a list of 3-5 names and if you have a boy or a girl the other person had to pick there favourite name from the list.

I pretty much just told my boyfriend if we have a girl I'm naming her this.... he didn't like the name at first and tried to suggest other's but im pretty adement what my daughters name will be and now he refers to our coconut by that name

No idea what we will do if it's a boy neither of us have any names... But there's more room for discussion.

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We liked different names too. What we did was picked 5 boys names and 5 girls names each, then put our lists together. We literally had 10 different names for each gender!

We then went through the "joint" lists and took it in turns to veto a name from each list, until we got to a top 4 for each gender. We then agreed to veto one from each list so we had a top three boys names and a top three girls names which neither of us hated.

For the boys name, we both strongly preferred one name from the list so that was us.

For the girls name, we both liked all the names equally so we allowed our families to vote. Our daughters name got far more votes than the other two names, so that was us decided.

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