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Middle names for Alex. Thoughts please!

Ok, I'm gonna do my best to try and keep this short-ish and not confusing...

I always expected to name my first son Alexander Jared Ewing. Alex mainly cuz I like it, but a little bit cuz it was my maternal grandpa's middle name. Jared Ewing was what my mom would've named her son/my brother, but she never had a boy. I also thought I'd end up as a single parent, so I'd have 100% say in the name. Well, it turns out my Baby Daddy wants to be involved. He asked me about names last month and I told him what I wanted and why. He told me he's kind of iffy on Alex, but it could be ok with the right middle name(s), but he definitely doesn't like Jared. He countered with John (his late maternal grandpa) and/or Werner (my late father). I told him John was boring and I wanted to use Werner for my possible 2nd son. I ended up privately crying about this for like half an hour after, but he still doesn't know that and we haven't properly discussed this since. He did mention later on though that he just threw out John as an option; he's not super attached to it. Like, seriously?! You don't like a name that means something to me, but you're gonna suggest something that doesn't actually mean anything to you?! Whatever.

Anyway, I've thought about names that would mean something to certain family members and this is my list of options...

Alexander Jonathan Ewing
Alexander Jonathan Christopher
Alexander Jonathan Thomas
Alexander John Ewing
Alexander John Christoper
Alexander John Thomas
Alexander Christopher Ewing
Alexander Christopher Jonathan
Alexander Christopher Thomas
Alexander Mark Christopher

*Thomas (his late uncle), Mark Christopher (his first and middle name).

There's always the chance that the baby will be born and not look like an Alex. In that case, we'd probably go for my 2nd son's name instead: Matthew Werner Hermann. I envision Matthew as a brunet and Alex as a blond, but we'll see. I really want to have my Alex first though.


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I like Alexander Jonathan Thomas the most from your list. All very classic names.

Our baby will be Alexander Benjamin!

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I think Alexander Jonathan is great

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Personally I think that if the first name has three syllables the middle shouldn't also especially since there may be a two last name situation. What I do is say the full name aloud in a graduation announcer voice lol and see if I like it. But I'd keep the middle to one or two, so I lean towards John, Mark, Chris in that order. I'm quite fond of John because then you get AJ as a secondary nickname.

Sorry he is vetoing. I was dead set on my son being Tobias, but Darwin was more important to me than naming my son after a fictional character lol. So I sacrificed Toby to get Darwin.

But yeah compromise is hard and sucks doubling worse when you envisioned running things solo. You'll adjust. I'm so glad he is involved though

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I like Alexander Christopher Thomas the best. I think it sounds great!!! I also have an Alex - my daughter - and would recommend the name after having used it for her for 3 years. She's a real Alex - feisty, playful, silly, sweet, doesn't take anybody's crap... Just the way I thought an Alex should be.

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