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If we ever had another son I really like the name Stanley. I don't know how you feel about siblings having the same initial, but I think Henry goes lovely with Hattie.

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With my first daughter, naming her Pollyanna was easiest thing as it what I always wanted, she was lucky she is a girl or I would of be of anooyed haha.
Then we had 2nd girl on the way, it took us 16 weeks figuring out and found robin then change to Robyn and we instantly fell in love with the name and she look like Robyn when she was born.
Then our 3rd one, I had a girl name ready I thought I was having a girl again if he was a girl, she would of be called Adelynn but instead we found out we was having a boy:
Darryl, Edward, Henry, Jude and so many names idea was throw to us until I stand down and I thought hmmm Charlie... then told my oh and he loves it as we click with it. Due date next Sunday and we cannot wait to meet our Charlie Sydney

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We found it really easy to pick our first 3 boys names. In fact, DS3's name was meant to be DS2 but hubby wouldn't agree and I got it last pregnancy. Girls names are easy. We've had the only one we want to use picked out for 10 years so hoping we FINALLY get our Kairi Nicole. Lol.

I love Biblical and traditional names.

- I have a Christopher Jayden. Christopher is very traditional and both his names are Biblical.
- Brayden-Lee Elwynne. Brayden. Well, that was his father's choice because I had no idea but Lee is an old name and I believe Elwynne (my grandfather's name) is Old English.
- And finally, Alexander Gabriel. Again, very traditional and Biblical and very strong.

I gave up naming this one if it's another boys so hubby has picked out Sebastian Kage. Not too sure of the roots of that as I haven't looked and I chose the 'K' as I don't want matching initials (other than their surnames) if it can be helped.

But more names worth mentioning: Jonathan, James, David, Peter, Benjamin, Daniel, Andrew, Jake, Jake, Harry, George, Fred. Just off the top of my head. Will think of more later I'm sure.

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