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View Poll Results: Which names do you prefer? Pick one boy and one girl!
Jessica May 4 20.00%
Amelia Rose 12 60.00%
Isabella 3 15.00%
Jack 7 35.00%
Oliver 7 35.00%
Zachary 3 15.00%
Charlie 2 10.00%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Jun 26th, 2017, 02:11 AM   1
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Help... can't decide on girls or boys!

YOU CAN PICK 2 POLL OPTIONS - ONE BOY &a ONE GIRL We had trouble with our first - who is now "Jacob".

We are now expecting baby number 2 and we cannot agree properly on anything.

I've done a poll. The problem is, we did agree on Isabella Rose only for my best friend to exclaim that's the name she's had picked for years, and she already got stroppy with me when I named my son jacob cos her som is Jake so I really don't want that fight again. But I've added it to the poll anyway!

We then agreed on Jessica but a close family friend has a Jessica and she's always talking about her so I just feel I'd be copying but again I'm adding it because I like it!

As for boys - We just can't agree full stop lol!

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Old Jun 26th, 2017, 04:31 AM   2
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I'm not going to vote because there are 3 names on your list I like. Lol.

LOVE Jessica. Not fussed on the May part but really love Jessica. Also like Oliver and Charlie. And Charlie could be a boy or a girl. Who cares about the friend. This is your baby.

I know that doesn't help your current issue. Lol. But I hope that even that input has given you some idea on what you want for baby.

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I picked Amelia and Oliver, Isabella and Charlie are nice too.

If your friend isn't even pregnant with a girl then I don't think she has any grounds to put up a fight for the name. She can always go ahead and still name her baby Isabella if she even has a girl in the future, which isn't a guarantee. Personally I think it would suck to give up a name you love when there's a chance the friend would never get to use it anyway.

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I voted but honestly go with the name you both love. I don't think it's right of your friend to try and claim a name. There is no guarantee she will ever get to use that name and if she does then she can name her child that name. It's not like they'd be in the same class or something if she's not even pregnant. I personally wouldn't give up the name if you both really love it. If our kids have the same name then cool no big deal.

I know someone who used the name I loved, I would never had said anything because they have a right to use any name they please and who is to say that I'd end up having a girl. I am having a girl now but hubby hated the name so it's vetoed but if that wasn't the case then I'd still have kept it in the running.

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