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Need help, team yellow and stuck on names

Trying to come up with a 3rd girls name that we both agree on (We have 2 girls already) is proving difficult. I think we've for sure settled on Madison as a first name (dd1 is Hannah and dd2 is Elizabeth)..
For middle, What do you all think of the name Madison Irene? .. We were going to do Madison Claire (Claire after dhs granddad Clarence) but his cousins daughter is Claire (for the same reason) so we were trying to come up with another option that we could use that would be in honor of his granddad. His granddads name was Clarence Iradean. And at first I thought Ira was pretty and we could use it alone but the more I say it I just kind of don't like it for a girl, part of me still does though. So I was trying to come up with options that are like Iradean, and thought Eileen, but we could replace "ei" with Ira, so it would be Iraleen, dh wasn't too keen. So he suggested Irene, which normally I'd completely shoot down but it may work! So opinions?

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I like Madison Irene and it's nice way to play on the name to honor him!

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I actually really like Madison Ira! But Irene is equally as nice and it's a good play on the original name

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Madison Irene is a beautiful name

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