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Originally Posted by xZoeyx View Post
If my brother didn't have a Chloe, that's what we would pick 100%
Just a thought, on my father's side I have 2 cousins called Samantha and 2 cousins called Lee - except one is spelt as Leigh. DS2 is Brayden-Lee as well.

On my mother's side, my sister's middle name is Nicole and her daughter's middle name is also Nicole. This baby will be Kairi Nicole. My cousin's eldest is Caleb, my brother's son is also Caleb.

If you really love Chloe, I'd use it. Who cares what your brother's child is called. And your niece might feel special to have her little cousin named after her - I know my sister and niece will.

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Don't let your friend hold you back from choosing Isabella Rose! Not sure how far along she is, but how would you feel if she got to the end of her pregnancy and decided at the last minute to change her mind and pick something else?

Plus she shouldn't be negative and petty over a name! It shouldn't matter if your kids have similar names. You have just as much right to pick your favourite names as she does, and if they happen to be similar then so be it. It should be something you laugh over, not get into figthts and falling outs over. Also, both Isabella and Jacob are fairly common names... lots of people like them, thats why they're popular. Its not like she picked something really random such as and then you wanted the same thing. That might be a bit more frustrating if she'd gone to a lot of effort to pick a 'unique' name.. but thats obviously not the case here.

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