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Brother for Wolfe Alexander

I need boy name suggestions!

We have a son named Wolfe Alexander but we're struggling to find another boy name that we love that would be a good name for a little brother. We are still in love with our girl name from first time round, Ophelia Wren, so we are sorted if we get a little sister.

We both like Magnus (I didn't at first, but it's grown on me) but my reservation is that Magnus seems to be rising up in popularity lists.

How many little boys called Magnus have you come across?

Do you like it?

Do you think it goes with Wolfe?

Any other boy name suggestions that work with Wolfe?

Thank you! 😊

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I like Magnus. It's different and strong. Definitely goes with Wolfe. Other names to consider...Axel or Cruz? Good luck!

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I have never come across a Magnus. Personally not a fan but I do think it fits well with Wolfe.

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I too have never come across a Magnus. It's not to my personal taste, as the lady above said but I do think that it goes really nicely with Wolfe

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