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Mum (Mom)
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My father named me Natasha when I was born in 84' and in hubby's family his cousin and sister are Natasha also. We have no contact with his sister due to circumstances she's created but she goes my Tali while I have always called his cousin Nashi. And I prefer Tash. For me personally, it's annoying and I have come across so many other Natasha's over the years. At high school I was in a class with another Natasha and as much as I HATE my full legal first name, I went by Natasha-Marie so we weren't confused.

My eldest is Christopher and youngest is Alexander. I'm in NZ but I think both their names were in the top 100 for the USA. In saying that, I have never come across another child who goes by their full first name. Christopher was named after hubby's cousin who goes by Chris and Alexander was named because I liked it although I work with an Alex who likes to think (even though he knows he was named because I wanted it only because I like it) he was named after him. My middle son is Brayden-Lee and for YEARS never met another until recently. This baby is Sebastian and again, in the top 100 and I've never met one. Chances are, after this baby is born I will.

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I hate popular names I wouldn't chose anything that's in the top 100 as I don't really even want to meet anybody with the ad name as my child. I think the name I've chosen is currently ranked #500 or something but it's been gaining alot of popularity lately however I doubt it will ever fall under 100 x

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Thanks everyone for all your thoughts! We have settled on our names now and I love them! We ended up finding a great boys one that was a little less common, and the girls one is around #70 currently although I've never met anybody with the name where we live. You are all right though, as long as we love the names, it shouldn't matter how many other people also love them.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Both Amelia and Oliver were the #1 name in U.K. for a few years and Isabella was top 5 (after we named them! All were 10-20 when we chose) yet we've only come across one Oliver and two or three Amelias and Isabellas. We then chose Eleanor because it was 40s in popularity tables but within the last year it's shot to top five too. Still only met one other though.

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