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I'm due in 9 weeks, middle name help!

Hi everyone! So baby girl #2 will be here soon and I'm having a dilemma with her middle name. My daughter is Millie Jade (my name as her middle name) and I like it because she's got a bit of me. We are calling this little one Mia (although I wanna call her Halle but that's another story haha) and my daughter has chosen Rose as the middle name. Which I think is lovely, but then she doesn't have any of my name. So I thought what about Mia Louise as my middle name is Louise.. but I dunno I know eventually I'll marry OH so we'll have the same surname? So Mia Rose or Mia Louise? Mia Rose is special because my daughter picked it 😁 oh god I dunno. If we had it my way she'd be Halle Rose 😂😂

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Why not have Mia-Rose and use Louise as her middle name? It still sounds pretty.

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I totally understand wanting your kids to have a bit of you - OH and I aren't married either (we've been engaged forever but I don't think we'll ever get married unless we elope to Vegas ), so I have a different last name to my kids. We decided not to hyphenate but instead I have given them both my last name as a second middle name. Could be something you could consider!

Mia Rose sounds lovely, by the way.

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