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Mum (Mom)
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Isolde pronunciation

I know it is supposed to be Iz-ull-d, (Is like in Isabelle, ulled like dulled) but I like it as Ih-soul-d, so a soft S sound and a rounder "ohh" sound in the middle if that makes sense! Instead of the harder "ull" sound. Would it be constantly mispronounced? Would people think I just didn't know how to say my own childs name?! How would you say it/like it best?

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Mum (Mom)
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I don't think you can have a name spelled in a traditional way and pronounced differently. As a teacher this would stress me out. It's bad enough with names like Louis which is sometimes pronounced as Lewis and other times like Lewie.

If I see a name which I don't know how to pronounce I will just ask the kid. Sometimes it takes several times before I get it right!

I have an unusual but REALLY easy to spell/pronounce name (seriously - it's 4 letters and phonetic!) and it was absolutely butchered all through school so I was mindful of this and gave my daughter a common name as I hated it growing up.

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I think it'll forever be mispronounced and spelt incorrectly, ive never heard if it before.

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I've actually always pronounced it the way you prefer, but it's one of those names that I'm never sure if I'm saying it right or not. It's very pretty, though.

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i woul pronunce it eye-sol-der

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Iv never ever heard this name before?

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I think it's a lovely name, but I've always heard it pronounced is-ol-da or iss-ol-duh. With a softer 's' or a slightly longer soft 's', 'ol' as in old, and with the 'de' pronounced at the end as either a short 'da' or slightly longer 'duh'. I have never heard it pronounced with a hard 'd' at the end.

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I think traditionally it should be Is-ol-duh (Celtic origin).
Iz-ull-d is the French pronunciation.

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This is my favourite name and nearly called DD it but it was forever being said wrong and I felt sad at Tintagel that she is a cheater in the story!

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