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"Southern Belle" name suggestions

DH and I have started working on name lists for our second baby. I'm only 8 weeks, so we don't know the gender yet but we kind of sort of have a boys name so I'm focusing on our girl list. So far the list is:

* Isabelle
* Victoriana
* Evangeline
* Charlotte
* Genevieve

Inadvertently, I seem to be sticking to a "Southern Belle" theme. I love the idea of classic, elegant, long names that can have a cutesy nickname if we want. The middle name is for sure going to be either June or Iris-June (depending on the flow with the first name). My other kids are named Aiden, Madalynn (Mady), Seraphina, and Everett.

What are some other names that kind of fit or sound similar?

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Rosalie (Rose, Rosie)
Elizabeth (Eliza, Libby, Lizzy, Beth)
Eleanora (Ellie, Elsie)
Penelope (Penny, Nellie)
Beatrice (Bea)
Clementine (Clem)
Emmeline (Emmy)
Lillian (Lily)

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My eldest is Isabelle. Just stick with it

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My daughter is Scarlett Grace ~ that has a southern taste to it

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I love Emmeline - but all your choices are lovely. What about Belle?