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Originally Posted by WackyMumof2 View Post
To be fair I think there’s a big difference between someone laying claim to a name for a hypothetical baby and someone potentially being hurt by a friend using the name of their deceased child.
That is a completely different story and I agree. But I personally wouldn't mind if they either genuinely like the name or they wanted to name their child after the one that was lost. But if it's just a bitch move, I'd be angry.

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Definitely a different scenario than just having your name snaked. We have 5 friends due before us but we've picked out our names and will go with them no matter if one of them uses it. I would try and pick another name probably, you might not be in touch with them forever but if it does end up being a closer relationship I couldn't help but think I was reminder her of her loss more often than necessary. I think if you try really hard you will fall in love with another name! My SIL had a close friend snake her exact first and middle name a few months before her baby was born, and they found a different name. I can tell you the little one fits her new name perfectly!

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